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Stanley’s no toy town for UK to play with, says Penguin News

Suggestions that the capital of the Falklands should change its name from Stanley to Port Margaret, or even Port Margaret Thatcher, have been treated with scorn by the islands’ newspaper, Penguin News. “Once the laughter had died down,” it said, … Continue reading

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Penguin News editor sets out need for rigorous reporting

The editor of the Falkland Islands newspaper, Penguin News, is the subject of the regular “My perfect weekend” feature in London’s Telegraph newspaper. She notes that 95 per cent of students return home to the islands after going abroad to … Continue reading

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The day Wayne picked up a penguin (not a chocolate one)

Even in the Falkland Islands, it seems, a penguin can be a slightly surreal sight. It’s not often, for instance, that they’re seen hitch-hiking. Quite how a flightless sea bird ended up 30 kilometres inland is not explained in Catherine … Continue reading

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This isn’t colonialism, says visiting congressman

If the governor of the Falkland Islands ever visits the United States of America, he should make it clear he is, ‘not a colonial Governor but a Governor of an Overseas Territory and there is a big difference between the … Continue reading

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The Sun shines a light on Lisa’s defiance

The Sun newspaper tells the stirring tale of the 12-year-old Falkland Islander who defied an Argentinian invader 30 years ago. It says Lisa Watson refused to budge for the “twitching” commander with the machine gun and faced him down. Lisa … Continue reading

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Dawn search finds missing crewmen in Stanley (updated)

A search operation involving a helicopter and private launches took place around Stanley Harbour in the Falklands in the early hours of Sunday 12 February, reports Penguin News. Seven crewmen missing from a foreign fishing vessel were eventually found safe … Continue reading

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Editor Lisa is hatched, thatched and mis-matched

It doesn’t bear thinking about in too much detail, but this message from the editor of Penguin News, on the Twitter messaging website, is too good to resist: Lisa Watson @Lisafalklands Best tweet to me this week said I was … Continue reading

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