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Britain could not recapture Falklands again, says general

General Sir Mike Jackson, the former head of the British Army who saw action in the Falklands War, has said Britain would not be able to recapture the islands if Argentina invaded again and secured Mount Pleasant air base. He … Continue reading

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Saints add voices to broadband campaign

Saint Helenians are being asked to add their weight to the campaign to secure a high-speed internet link for their island. Here’s one contribution on the campaign website, from Johnny Clingham, an island blogger now exiled to the UK: ‘I’m … Continue reading

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Falklands could help charities in Argentina – Branson

Falklands oil wealth could be shared with charities in Argentina, says the UK billionaire Sir Richard Branson. He makes the suggestion in a blog post filed from ‘beautiful Argentina’, in which he reflects on the brutality of the regime that … Continue reading

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Napoleon gets a theme park (not in Longwood)

A theme park nicknamed ‘Napoleonland’ is planned in France, according to a report on the UK-based Mail Online website. It says visitors will be treated to daily re-enactments of the Battle of Waterloo, which led to the French emperor’s exile to … Continue reading

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Escape plan put Boney in a barrel

Plans were made to carry Napoleon away from captivity at Longwood in a barrel, according to a new book reviewed on John Tyrrell’s blog, Reflections on A Journey to St Helena. He says The Emperor’s Last Campaign, by Emilio Ocampo, is … Continue reading

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Final consultation launched on land use

A final round of consultation has begun on how land should be used and protected on St Helena. A new Land Development Control Plan is expected to be in place by April. St Helena Government says it’s a key part of efforts … Continue reading

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Island snippets, 28 January 2012

A Facebook page has been set up by Falklands United, to show support for islanders in the current diplomatic tensions. It’s here. Unwanted glass bottles are being crushed and turned into ornaments by a not-for-profit eco group on the British … Continue reading

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The Week: contempt and distrust over Gibraltar and Falklands

Senior Foreign Office staff had a contemptuous attitude towards the citizens of the only British Overseas Territory in mainland Europe, according to a very punchy column by Crispin Black in The Week. He recalls how he represented the Cabinet Office at … Continue reading

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The golden truth about aid to St Helena – or just a typing error?

Was the St Helena Independent hinting at something about the UK’s relationship with the island when it printed a rather charming typo? It appeared in a piece about St Helena’s currency, way back in September 2010 – I’ve just spotted … Continue reading

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St Helena media, 28 January 2011

Lots of fun in the St Helena Independent this week, including a picture of an egg from Roddy Yon’s chicken farm that measured 90 mm – just short of a record. Julian Cairns-Wicks also has a witty pay-off line in … Continue reading

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